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Let me know what you're going to do for me

Plainly state to me the extent of your services and explain how they will benefit me.

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Tell me what I'll get

Focus on me

What can you solve?

Use internal pages to tell me about specific services or products you offer. Make sure to focus on me not you - I'm interested in what I can get, not when you were founded.

Talk about what I need, not what you have. Keep your focus on me and what you can do for me so I know that I’m important to you and I'll get what I want.

I’m here looking for an answer – your services should give me that answer. Focus on facts. Tell me what I will receive from you and what I’ll be able to do with it.

How will you help?

Are you different?

Tell me more

If your services are difficult to understand, explain them to me in terms I’ll recognise. I’m not an expert in this, and I need to know you’ll talk to me rather than over me.

What makes you better than all of your competitors? Is it your speed? Size? Range? Skills? How are these going to benefit me? Will I save time? Money? Stress?

Do you have any other services that might be useful to me?  Place links in this page to other pages containing information that I’d find useful to me.

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